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Ottawa Press and Publishing began five years ago with a simple idea -- publish local books. 

I'm not sure if three words qualify as a business plan, but that's what we had. Thanks to our readers, we're  getting away with it. 

At Ottawa Press and Publishing we believe reading local is as important as shopping local or eating local. Thank you for buying our books and visiting our website.  

Be sure to sign up for our newsletter before leaving, and get your free copy of The Last Guide's Guide. That's one of our best-selling books, a little fishing story from Algonquin Park we thought you might enjoy reading in these times.  

Ron Corbett, Editor, Ottawa Press and Publishing

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How close was Grads Tavern to a seminary? Where, exactly, is Nanny Goat Hill?

Walk through Ottawa with  Phil Jenkins and get a block-by-block, history tour of Canada's capital


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