Ottawa Rewind 2 by Andrew King
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Ottawa Rewind 2 by Andrew King

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Ottawa Rewind 2 by Andrew King

Where is the world’s oldest maple tree? Can Ottawa’s first brewery still be found? And what’s up with that little island behind Parliament Hill? Did anyone ever live there?

The answers to these questions, and a whole lot more just like them, are in Ottawa Rewind 2, the eagerly anticipated sequel to Andrew King’s’s popular debut book, Ottawa Rewind.

Andrew is an artist, animator and detective. The detective part doesn’t get mentioned often but Andrew is a history sleuth, someone who loves to solve historical mysteries.

What has he found for us this time? Here’s a sampling of Ottawa Rewind 2:

  • A 17th-century French fort, submerged in the Ottawa River but easily located. 
  • The location of Ottawa’s once-fabled “Fountain of Youth," and the mysterious hamlet of Cathartic.
  • The Ottawa birthplace of a famous Old West gunfighter.
  • And yes, he found that maple tree. It’s the tree featured on the cover of Ottawa Rewind 2. And the story that goes along with that tree -- yes, there's a  story -- is probably as grand and Canadian a tale as can be imagined. 

Purchase your copy of Ottawa Rewind 2 today and take some more road-trip adventures and diversions with the artist, and history “detective” Andrew King.