No Dress Rehearsal by Ken Newport
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No Dress Rehearsal by Ken Newport

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Change, and how we deal with it, is the central theme to No Dress Rehearsal, the poignant retelling of a tumultuous year in the lives of three people who have no connection other than a neighbourhood coffee shop. Telling their stories in first-person narrative, Terry, Lee, and Grant struggle in their relationships, careers, family and health in this fast-paced story stitched together by a music-board in the coffee shop. With short “song tracks” for chapters, No Dress Rehearsal is perfect for today’s busy reader, telling a complex story in short, stand-alone, diary-like entries.
No Dress Rehearsal is wonderfully rich in dialogue, with surprising twists in plot, and readers will be pulled along by what turns out to be a most extraordinary year for all three protagonists, a year in which they each realize there is no second chance at life – there truly is No Dress Rehearsal.