NEW RELEASE! The Long Hurt by Randall Denley
NEW RELEASE! The Long Hurt by Randall Denley
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NEW RELEASE! The Long Hurt by Randall Denley

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The Long Hurt: Kris Redner Mystery Series (Book 3)

When Ottawa tech titan Simon Cousens goes missing along with ten million dollars from his business partner's account, Cousens's new wife Alicia Jameson asks Ottawa crime writer Kris Redner and her private investigator friend, Jenna Martin for help. The striking redhead is definitely trouble in high heels but is she a victim or a criminal? 


Denley’s clean, crisp writing never takes priority over the pace of the plot, which drives along as smoothly as the SUVs favoured by the town’s better class. The plot twists and turns like upstate New York’s mountain roads. — Ottawa Citizen

Bottom line. I enjoyed One Dead Sister. There are a lot of popular female sleuths out there and Kris Redner deserves to have a place among them. The trick to any good mystery is to create suspense, keep the reader guessing, and Denley does that to a tee. — Ottawa Sun

Denley has many fans in the Ottawa area, but One Dead Sister deserves a wider audience. — National Post

Spiked is an engrossing political thriller and crime story, well-paced and populated by convincing characters. The dialogue is crisp, and the atmosphere believable, informed by years of experience in the Ottawa scene. — Ottawa Review of Books