Reel Ottawa by Dan Lalande (ebook)
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Reel Ottawa by Dan Lalande (ebook)

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Reel Ottawa is the story of Danny, a movie-obsessed truant from a broken home who likes nothing more than sneaking into Ottawa theatres. Coming of age in the ‘60s and ‘70s – a time when movie theatres were more common in Ottawa than car dealers—Danny’s story unfolds against a backdrop of great movies and memorable movie houses.   

Both a memoir and a loving remembrance of those golden days of going to the movies, Reel Ottawa takes us back to a time when the weekend pages of Ottawa’s newspapers were devoted to screenings of some of the best films ever made…when Mum, Dad, and the kids would pile into the station wagon on a Sunday evening to see Jaws at the Britannia Drive-In; when you and your friends would line up outside the Somerset to see Star Wars for the tenth time; or when you felt those first date butterflies at the ByTowne sitting in the balcony with your date, mesmerized by the latest romantic foreign film.

Written with self-deprecating wit and a poet’s eye for detail, Reel Ottawa is sure to bring back nostalgic memories to every movie-goers who lived, laughed, and loved at an Ottawa movie theatre.