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Lost Ottawa - Book Two

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Lost Ottawa — The Book was the best selling local interest book in the country last year. That means, according to our friends at Chapters/Indigo Books, we sold more copies of Lost Ottawa than anyone sold books about Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, or anywhere else in Canada.

We love that! It means we did something positive for the community and the community responded with their passion for local history.

Now we want to do more. That’s right! Lost Ottawa – Book Two is here, containing 75 of the most popular posts from Lost Ottawa on Facebook since 2016.

Is it a midnight show at the Towne Cinema? Making like Scarlett O’Hara on the stairs the Capital Theatre? Dining at Peter’s Pantry, or grabbing a meal at the Diamond BBQ? How about finding a bargain at the Stittsville Flea Market, or winning a car at the Ottawa Ex. We’ve got all that and more, from removing your rubbers at the Grace Hospital to finding that perfect prank in Bill’s Joke Shop.

As with our first book, these are pictures and stories that people enjoyed the most on Facebook, as measured by the thousands of likes they gave and the thousands of comments they made about life and history in the nation’s capital. Once again, we’ve edited those comments into the form of a conversation that’s often touching, always informative, and sometimes downright hilarious.

Thanks to everyone for supporting our first book. We’re sure you’re going to enjoy this one, too!

Lost Ottawa -- Book Two is available to ship August 15. Available in stores September 15.