DEVOTED TO MURDER by Sister Diane Carollo
DEVOTED TO MURDER by Sister Diane Carollo
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DEVOTED TO MURDER by Sister Diane Carollo

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Devoted to Murder: Sister Maggie Mystery Series (BOOK 1)

“Sister Maggie is my favorite kind of mystery heroine: smart, strong, with an impeccable moral compass. With an intricate, suspenseful plot, Devoted to Murder delivers a terrific read!” ~ USA Today Bestseller, Vanessa Kelly

Sister Maggie Donovan knows murder…

Sister Maggie Donovan is heading home to Brooklyn to visit family and friends and have a relaxing summer vacation. But just before her departure, she learns of the mysterious disappearance of Marcy Holmes, a young woman she once taught in the small town of Maeville, Illinois. It’s a tragedy that reminds Sister Maggie of her own twin sister Catie, who went missing from an amusement park when they were thirteen years old.

Back home in Brooklyn, Sister Maggie finds herself embroiled in her goddaughter Ellie’s relationship drama. Mediating between Ellie and her parents, Sister Maggie is determined to get the facts behind Ellie’s break-up with her fiancé, an undercover cop, and her whirlwind elopement with a guy she met on a recent cruise.

When Sister Maggie begins having psychic visions about Marcy and Catie she wonders if they’re a message about the past or a warning about the future? And if so, how can Sister Maggie keep another tragedy from happening again?