Copycat by John Owens
Copycat by John Owens
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Copycat by John Owens

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 NEW RELEASE!!! Copycat: Jake Lydon Mystery Series (Book 5)

An elderly English literature professor is viciously stabbed to death on the expansive pastoral campus of Jake Lydon’s alma mater.

Weeks later, in a big city hipster neighbourhood a hundred miles away, a junior book editor meets the same grisly fate. 

Are the copycat murders connected? Jake thinks so. But then again, Jake thinks a lot of things that very few other people do. 

Mule-stubborn, he sets out to connect the dots. Among those “dots” are a fading superstar on the self-help scene, his high-powered literary agent, a money-hungry publisher, a vindictive philosophy professor, a low-level drug dealer, and an intimidating student with a deadly secret. 

Along the way, Jake manages to incite not one but three attempts on his life, all the while infuriating police in two jurisdictions, his best friend, his daughter, and his lover. All in a day’s work for the foul-mouthed, bull-headed, stumbling senior really amateur sleuth. 

One might think that Jake might absorb some helpful positive life lessons from his misadventures. 

But, of course, one would be wrong.