SWORN TO MURDER by Sister Diane Carollo (eBook)
SWORN TO MURDER by Sister Diane Carollo (eBook)
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SWORN TO MURDER by Sister Diane Carollo (eBook)

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Sister Maggie Donovan knows murder…

“Sister Maggie is my favorite kind of mystery heroine: smart, strong, with an impeccable moral compass.”
~ USA Today Bestseller, Vanessa Kelly

Can Sister Maggie solve a murder where the only witness is an orangutan?

When Sister Maggie and Sister Mary Felicia befriend an orangutan named Leo at the Indiana State Zoo they’re drawn into the investigation of the murder of Leo’s long-time zookeeper Sam Browning. Leo, the only witness to the brutal, gang-style shooting, might hold the key to the killer, but how can Sister Maggie get to the truth?

Meanwhile, Sister Maggie continues to have psychic visions of her twin sister Catie, who disappeared more than fifty years ago. But will these haunting new dreams bring Sister Maggie closer to the truth about Catie?

The truth shall set you free, but lies can lead to murder.