Bushwacked by John Owens
Bushwacked by John Owens
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Bushwacked by John Owens

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Bushwacked: Jake Lydon Mystery Series (Book 3)

In Bushwhacked, the 3rd Jake Lydon mystery, we find our “hero” looking forward to a laid-back summer after a sh*tstorm of a winter in the Caribbean, (as chronicled in Machete). His dream of a little gardening and a lot of over-refreshment around his hovel-by-the-lake in cottage country is shattered by a ruthless developer intent of seizing Jake’s prime real estate and hundreds of acres around him.

To no one’s surprise, Jake holds out, incurring the wrath of the entire community (except Carl, his laconic neighbour). As Jake digs into the shady motivations of all the players involved, he must face escalating acts of vandalism that turn to violence and, finally, attempted murder.

And then there’s that pesky matter of two dead politicians – one opposed and one supporting Edgewater Estates. Were their deaths accidental as the police concluded? Or were they bushwhacked?

Jake has only one option: to put that beer down and figure it all out before things get even uglier.

Irreverent, outrageous, and funny as hell, Bushwhacked is squarely aimed at a boomer audience that just may want a change from a steady diet of grim noir detective novels.

WARNING – Contains a surprising number of potty-mouth words.