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Charles Roberts

Charles Roberts was once considered Canada’s most prominent writer, a “Confederation Poet” of such eminence he was Knighted in1935, becoming overnight Sir Charles G D Roberts.

Despite the Sir and the middle-name-initials, one thing never changed for Charles Roberts. He was a working writer, and while he achieved fame for his poetry and his short stories, he wrote everything.

In 1891 Roberts wrote The Canadian Guide-book: The Tourist’s and Sportsman’s Guide to Eastern Canada and Newfoundland, published in New York by the D. Appleton Company. The book let him travel extensively through the country, including a first-time visit to Ottawa (Roberts was from Fredericton, New Brunswick.)

What happens when a be-knighted poet sees the Chaudiere Falls for the first time? Here is an excerpt from the Canadian Guide-book, by Sir Charles G. D. Roberts. Sir Charles G D Roberts