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Andrew Lafleche, Featured, Local Author, Short-story, the OPP Gallery -

Andrew Lafleche is an award-winning poet and author of No Diplomacy: Musings of an Apathetic Soldier. He is editor of Gravitas Poetry and the Evil Musings anthology. Lafleche served as an infantry soldier from 2007-2014. He earned an MA in Creative and Critical Writing from the University of Gloucestershire. Visit for more information.

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Featured, Ken Newport, Local Author, Short-story, the OPP Gallery -

Ken Newport is a successful Ottawa entrepreneur who has co-founded several life sciences and biotechnology companies. Ken draws upon these experiences in his writing, along with his love of music and bands like the Beatles, Arcade Fire and, yes, the Tragically Hip. This excerpt is from Ken’s debut novel No Dress Rehearsal, to be published by Ottawa Press and Publishing in September.

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Lupe was having second thoughts as he and Paco wrestled the full 45-gallon oil drum onto his skiff. The barrel went on too close to the bow, lifting the stern out of the water, the propeller made impotent and stark in the moonlight flickering over the slight waves. He would be caught, he was sure. Everyone in his village knew that he had returned from the fuel depot in Buscerias with the oil, spending such money for more oil than a sane man needed to run his boat around Banderas Bay ferrying tourists out to fish or dive off the...

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